Fingerprint & Handwriting Keepsakes

Pet Memorials

Symbolic Milestone & Generation Jewelry

Whether you are celebrating a joyful occasion or grieving the loss of a loved one, our sterling silver PERSONALIZED JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES provide a beautiful memorial to their life and the love you have for them.

Wear it with pride and hold onto the memories forever + ever.

Fingerprint & Handwriting Keepsakes

Feel Every Intricate Detail

Pet Memorials

Animal companions are not “just a dog” or "just a cat" but rather a beloved member of your family. When they are gone, having a memorial keepsake can help remind you of the companionship, fun and joy they brought to your heart.

Our Personalization Process

  • Selection and Enhancement

    We use our experience and best judgement to select the area that provides the best detail and captures the essence of your loved ones.

    We enhance the file to make it look the best (if necessary), but take extreme care to keep all unique areas intact.

  • Creation

    Every jewelry piece is carefully handcrafted with respect for the sentiment it represents.

    Our specialized process recreates your loved ones' imprints with a recessed texture that allows you to feel every intricate detail.

  • digital fingerprint made into sterling silver fingerprint necklace


    There are many steps involved but the outcome is always the same ... a truly unique, one-of-a-kind fingerprint keepsake.

  • actual handwriting sample made into sterling silver signature keychain

    Handwriting & Signatures

    Send us your loved ones handwriting from a card, a letter or whatever you have. We can edit and rearrange to compliment your chosen keepsake.

  • babies footprint reproduced on sterling silver tube bead on leather bracelet

    Handprint, Footprints or Children's Drawings

    We can use footprints or handprints taken at birth or those that you create at home.

    Also consider one of your children's precious drawings for an adorable keepsake.

  • dog pet photo reproduced on sterling silver memorial necklace

    Pet Memorials

    Our fur babies are family. Submit your pet's photo and we will take care of the magic to turn it into a precious sterling silver keepsake.

Our Symbolic Collections

Generations Jewelry

Honor the generations of your family with this symbolic collection. Each sterling silver ring represents the infinite love between the generations.

Milestone Birthday Jewelry

Celebrate Your Loved Ones with Personalized Jewelry for those Milestone Birthdays. Each sterling silver circle represents a decade in their journey.

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