Hello, I'm Barb and I'm happy you're here on my website. Let me share a bit about myself, my passion, my creative process, and what to expect when you order from Adorn Designs Jewelry.

 I started Adorn Designs on Mother’s Day, 2016 (how fitting!).  Initially I made all sorts of jewelry.  It was good practice and allowed me time to discover all the things that go along with creating and selling – like websites, photography, product descriptions and social media. 

In 2017, my mother fell ill. I wasn't sure how much longer she would be with me, so I seized the opportunity to capture her fingerprint and create a unique, special keepsake for myself.   After my initial success with this keepsake and realizing how precious it was to me …. I realized that I had found my creative niche…. and luckily I got to spend 3 more years with my mother.

I now focus entirely on crafting personalized sterling silver keepsakes using the fingerprints and handwriting of your loved ones.   I personally handcraft these keepsakes in my studio nestled in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado.  I utilize sterling silver metal clay for crafting each distinct fingerprint/handwriting piece, along with traditional metalsmithing techniques.

I like interacting with my customers.  They often share the stories behind the fingerprint or handwriting.  Some stories are joyous, some are sad, but they are always heartwarming as they are told with so much love.

I devote myself to crafting these keepsakes with care and expertise and I am ready to create something unique for you.  Please reach out with any inquiries.